Model A14_64 (110 cm x 32 cm)

LedMatic is the company leader in Led Electronic Signs :

Than one decade developing more solutions in the field of the illumination to Led.

Located in the Mediterranean arc, Spain.

In LedMatic we are specialistic in the design and development of electronic signs to leds and clocks thermometer.

Our experience allows us to offer a standard range of trustworthy and easily accessible electronic signs screens to leds highly to the user. The electronic signs LedMatic incorporate Temnics® technology.

We have own technology, which causes that our products continue covering the highest expectations there where others do not arrive.

The publicity and dynamic reclamation that contribute to the electronic signs LedMatic him dán that touch of distinction and modernity in the era of the new technologies.

With its core microprocessor of 32 bits, series RG of electronic signs LedMatic is characterized mainly by its graphical capacity, in addition to by its ample functionality. Each screen can visualize graphs with several tonalities according to its resolution of display.

In addition to the graphics mode, series RG of electronic signs LedMatic has a capacity of messages up to 24,000 characters working in text mode way.

The electronic screens LedMatic admit the combined operation text and graph, reason why the benefits that offer are almost limitless.



Model A7_80

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